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What to Expect: Working with Us from Booking to Delivery

Now as a bride & groom to be ourselves we fully understand how it can feel like a whirlwind finding wedding vendors that suit you as a couple - well we thought we'd put together this handy blog to take you through our process from start to finish!

For this we are going to create a fictional couple called Jackie & Tom to really give you an idea of the experience!

Initial contact:

We received an email from Jackie and Tom about their 2024 wedding. First things first—we did a little happy dance! We feel so lucky that a couple choose us to capture their special day.

When we get an enquiry during our opening hours (8am - 7pm), we usually respond as soon as we see it. However, we advise that it might take up to 24 hours for us to get back to you. This is because we might be at a wedding, fully focused on capturing those precious moments. Often, we check our emails on our way home, and if it’s late, we’ll reply but schedule it to be sent at 9am the next day.

Including as much detail as possible in your initial enquiry is key. It helps avoid a lot of back-and-forth and makes the process smoother for both you and us.


First, we open our diary to check if we have the date available. Whether we can cover the wedding or not, we always respond to enquiring couples. If we're unavailable, we include a list of reputable photographers in our area whom we highly recommend.

We pay close attention to the details couples share, such as the venue, the vibe of their day, and any key specifics they mention. If they include information about DIY elements or the aesthetic they’re aiming for, we know these aspects are very important to them. It’s our job to recognize and honor that importance.

Some couples love to hop on a video call before booking, while others prefer to do this afterward. We're happy to accommodate whichever they choose.


Once we have the initial video call to discuss all the details and our process, we compile everything into a contract. This contract includes dates, times, locations, and all other important details. We also create an invoice that outlines the package, giving you two documents that detail your booking.

We then send our couples what we call our "magic link." This link takes you to your personalized client dashboard, where you can easily access your contract, invoice, and questionnaire all in one place.

Below, you can see the client dashboard we created for our own wedding and honeymoon, so you can see how the system works in full!

Booking confirmation:

To secure your date with us, we require a non-refundable deposit and a signed contract. Once we receive these, we follow up via email or WhatsApp to confirm your booking. We also let you know that we're here for any questions you might have and suggest scheduling a video call (if we haven't already or if you'd like another one).

Next, we dive into our behind-the-scenes work. If we haven't worked at your chosen venue before, we start by researching it online. If the venue is local, we schedule a visit to get a firsthand look. We then create an inspiration and posing list, which we share with you via your personalized client dashboard. This gives you an idea of the vibe we're aiming for on your big day and provides an opportunity for you to share any concerns or preferences regarding poses.

The month leading up to the big day:

You'll receive an email from us at the beginning of your wedding month to check in, followed by another email during the week of your wedding. This approach ensures you know exactly what to expect from us and eliminates any worry about our presence on your big day. No more wondering, "Oh my god, we haven't heard from them in so long—are they going to turn up?"

Our goal is to treat you with the same care and friendship we’d want for ourselves. While we're professionals, we often find ourselves acting as unofficial agony aunt/uncle, and we believe that’s just part of the job.

The Big Day:

The night before, Reagan will have checked our kit bag at least 10 times to ensure everything is there (it always is, because she’s a bit obsessive about it). Then she’ll ask me (Josh) to check it again, just to be extra sure—she truly lives by the motto, "Better safe than sorry."

On the big day, we get up, get ready, swing by McDonald's for a McMuffin to go, and start our journey to meet our couple. If it involves getting ready shots, Josh drops me off with the bride and her tribe to get the vibe going, while he heads over to the groom to capture the boys getting ready and being their personal vibe master.

We typically leave our couples about 30-45 minutes before they’re due to head to the ceremony venue. This allows us to account for travel time, traffic, and get set up at the ceremony location, so we’re prepared and ready to rock and roll!

We capture the ceremony, then move on to group photos. After that, we steal the couple away for a little adventure—just us. This is the perfect time for couple's portraits and gives the couple a breather to enjoy the moment without hundreds of eyes on them. Even though we’ll be there with our cameras, we try to be like flies on the wall, giving prompts to elicit natural moments of laughter. One of Reagan’s favorite prompts is, “Whisper your McDonald’s order in your partner’s ear in a seductive way.” It always gets a laugh and helps us capture those genuine moments.

As the day winds down and we move into the final portion of our coverage, we focus on key moments like the first dances. After capturing these, we discuss with the bride and groom if there’s anything else they want us to capture before we leave. Once we’ve confirmed there are no more shots needed, we wrap up by confirming the following:

“You’ll receive sneak peeks within the next 24 hours because we’re always eager to get started. Your full gallery will be ready in a maximum of 4 weeks. We’ll check in when we’re about halfway through editing to give you an update on our progress. For now, enjoy the night, dance away, and drink plenty! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.”

This is helpful because it reinforces what our couples can expect from us. We provide this information multiple times before the big day, but as a bride and groom to be ourselves, we understand how overwhelming weddings can be. We know that it’s easy to forget details amidst the excitement, which is why we triple-check everything!

Final thoughts:

We know that was a lot to read, but it gives you a glimpse into the process that countless couples have experienced with us. We believe in treating others how we’d want to be treated. We’re not just there to take photos; we’re there to get the party started! At one wedding, the couple had a silent disco, so we put on some headphones and started grooving like 60-year-old dads. Before we knew it, everyone was lined up doing the YMCA! We've found that when we are just being ourselves, we get natural reactions because if we are on the dance floor grooving away with everyone - we get natural photos rather than posed photos (unless someone spots us haha)

We see ourselves as more than just professionals on your wedding day; we’re your unofficial hype and support crew. No one wants a clock-watcher or someone standing around looking bored. Your wedding is a vibe, and we promise to hop on the hype train all day long. When you post a photo from your wedding, don’t be surprised if we comment with, “You two are the cutest!” because we believe everyone deserves their Beyoncé moment.

So if you're reading this thinking jeez these two really are the bee's knee's...

the bee's knees

You'd be right, how many photographers will go get a cartoon picture of a bee and draw knees on it for you? 😂

as always with love,

Reagan & Josh x

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