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At Viking Photography, we believe in transparent pricing and exceptional service.

Our wedding photography prices are based on a one-hour radius from our home base in Wellington, Somerset. For weddings outside of this area, we apply a small travel charge, but rest assured, we strive to keep this cost as minimal as possible.

Why do we call it an investment?  We see it as you're Investing in moments you can look back on for the rest of your lives together.

How do we book?



Once we've received your enquiry, if there isn't the important information like Date, Time, Location - we would first reach out to get those details and find out what packages you are looking at, we would then send over your personalised quote.


Can we meet before booking?

Of course! We normally have "In Person" meetings via Video Call as many of our couples are up and down the lengths of the UK so meeting in person isn't always possible. This is why we love Video Calls, it gives us a chance to virtually meet and chat about all the wonderful details of your day!


Magic Link

Once we hash out all the details and it's time to book. We would then send over a personalised magic link to your client dashboard, it's a easy to navigate system that allows you to find your Contract, Invoice & most importantly Questionnaire! On your invoice you have a choice of payment methods through our secure online payment system. 


When will we hear from you after booking?

Generally we like to schedule a video call (if we haven't already had one) but otherwise you wont hear from us until 2 months before, 1 month before, 2 weeks before and then finally the week of the wedding! However we are always on hand to chat when we have a moment so don't be worried about reaching out to us with any questions or ideas because it's what we are here for.



Because having all the information is never a bad thing!


Do i need two photographers?

Having a photography duo for your wedding offers a range of benefits that ensure every moment is captured with precision and creativity. With two photographers, you get the advantage of comprehensive coverage from multiple angles, guaranteeing that no special moment goes unnoticed. Additionally, we can divide and conquer, efficiently managing different aspects of the wedding day simultaneously, while also providing support and backup for each other. 


Whats in the memory box?

After receiving your online gallery, we then begin preparing your memory box. You can handpick up to 5 of your favourite images from your online gallery, which will be beautifully printed and enclosed alongside a USB containing your complete gallery. This elegant memory box serves as an ideal repository for all your precious wedding mementos.



Share your vision with us and we’ll work out the best plan for your special day.

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