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Winter Wedding at Abbey Manor

After being left in the learch by their orginal photographer. Mr & Mrs Sibley, contacted us just 4 days before their wedding and we ended up becoming their wedding photographers.

We ultimately gave them the day they truly deserved - giving them love and warmth and words of advice when needed.

DSC_0024 (2).jpg

It was NEVER a phase, it's a life style.

Take a step into the Gothic world of weddings! Wear beautiful brides wear black, grooms where stunning burgundy suits & the motto of the day is "Til Death do us part"

Move over Mortica & Gomez there is a new Addams family in town!

Viking in shining armour

We were contacted by our lovely couple around 7 days before their big day. They had suffered at the hands of a scam photographer, which while one persons loss it was definitely our gain!


So I (Reagan) stepped in as their wedding photographer and have been dubbed "Viking In Shining Armour" by Mrs Gould


Summer at Silk Mills Studios

Nestled in Frome is a hidden gem of a wedding venue, Silk Mills Studios. 

With it's stone walls and wooden beams it was breathtakingly beautiful bathed in the summer sunshine. 

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