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How to write a speech?

Now lets face it majority of us grimace at the thought of having to write a speech let alone give that speech in front of a room full of people so we've put together a handy little guide that's helped us write our own speeches for our 2025 wedding!

writing a speech


Start by introducing yourself and your relationship to the couple. Mention how honored you are to be speaking on such a special occasion.

2. Express Gratitude:

Thank the guests for attending and express gratitude to everyone who helped organize the wedding, including the parents, wedding party, and vendors. Also take the time to acknowledge those who have passed/cannot be with you or the couple.

3. Share Personal Stories:

Share some heartfelt and funny anecdotes about your relationship with the couple. This could include how you first met, memorable experiences you've shared, or how your friendship has grown over the years. Make sure your stories are appropriate for the audience and reflect positively on the couple. We would steer away from anything embarrassing/something the couple or your partner wouldn't be overly pleased with everyone hearing - remember the stories are meant to be fun so lets avoid moments where someone want's the ground to open up and swallow them!!

4. Compliment the Partner:

Take a moment to speak directly to the partner of the bride or groom and express your admiration for them. Highlight their qualities, how they complement each other, and why they make a perfect match.

5. Express Love and Support:

Tell the couple how much they mean to you and how happy you are to see them embark on this new journey together. Offer your support and encouragement for their future together.

6. Offer Words of Wisdom:

Share some words of wisdom or advice for a happy and successful marriage. This could be based on your own experiences or insights you've gained from observing successful relationships.

7. Raise a Toast:

Conclude your speech by raising a toast to the newlyweds. You can use a traditional toast or personalize it to reflect your own sentiments. Encourage guests to join you in toasting the couple's happiness and future together.

8. Practice and Rehearse:

Once you've written your speech, practice delivering it several times. Pay attention to your tone, pacing, and body language. Rehearsing will help you feel more confident and natural when delivering your speech on the big day.

9. Keep it Brief:

Aim for a speech that is heartfelt but not overly long. A good rule of thumb is to keep your speech under five minutes to maintain the audience's attention and ensure everyone has a chance to speak.

10. Be Yourself:

Finally, remember to be yourself! Speak from the heart and let your genuine emotions shine through. Your authenticity will make your speech truly memorable for the newlyweds and their guests.

This has helped us to write our own speeches and we hope this helps you write yours! Remember it's a once in a lifetime moment so always speak from the heart and if you are unsure about a certain story you'd like to include run it past the couple or your partner before adding it into the speech x

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